Easterbrook Painting equipment and crew preparing house for staining.

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Dan and Pam Dickerman

The Woods at Gray's Crossing

Working with Easterbrook Painting was one of the best experiences of our home-building project. Our house is the first we ever built, and one of the first LEED for homes projects in the country, so we knew there was a lot of groundwork to cover in getting ourselves, our general contractor, and many of the sub’s up-to-speed on all the details. Further, by the time we were able to bring Jim and his crews onto the project, there were lots of loose ends to straighten-out, we were way behind schedule, and winter’s coldest months were upon us. I was able to walk Jim through the plans in detail, show him the construction progress and plans, and discuss concerns as to finishes and environmental impact. From just a few short meetings, he was able to estimate the amount of work needed in all areas, make knowledgeable recommendations for products based on appearance and protection needs, and give me all the information I needed to meet LEED requirements. We used Easterbrook Painting for exterior wood surfaces, interior paint and wood trim finishes, so there were several big jobs to get done. Working with the crews on-site was always professional and responsible. I was kept aware of who was leading each crew, and what the responsibilities and schedules were along each segment of the job. Throughout progress I could easily approach anyone involved and discuss how progress was being made. There were would be no surprises later-on with either the work or the cost, and many who have seen the house since move-in have commented on how the quality of the wood finishing brings so much to the home. Along the way, it was clear that the entire crew took great pride in the quality of their work, and wanted the end result to be something I would be proud to call my home.
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